We Are Bethshean!




It has been over 44 years since Cris Garcia ventured out on faith to go to Mexico. As Director of a student Home in San Luis Potosi, Cris recognized the need for a Family Service Camp and a Bible college. It was imperative for the Christian young people to be better equipped to evangelize Mexico without going to a Bible college in the U.S. Many of them did, but then lost their desire to return to their homeland as life in the U.S. seemed more "alluring".
While searching for land to build the camp, Cris came upon a little blind beggar woman who was without a home or anyone to care for her. When "Little Rose" started singing Christian hymns, Cris realized she was a sister in Christ who needed love and care. Cris cared for Rosita in the Student Home while searching for an "Old Folks Home" somewhere in Mexico. Finally a missionary from Mexico city informed her that there was NO home for Christian elderlies in all of Mexico.
When it was learned that Cris was caring for a homeless, helpless, elderly person, in less than three months there were four more aged people in her care. As the need grew, Cris realized a permanent residence was imperative to care for the many Christian elderlies.
About this time Cris was given a large piece of property in the small village of Estancia de Animas in the state of Zacatecas. A Board of Directors was formed to incorporate what is now known as The Bethshean Mexico Mission. The name "Bethshean" is Biblical and means "a place of rest; secure; safe." This embodies the total reason for its existence.