Greetings to the Church and trust everyone receiving special blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ. I personally have been blessed beyond words and the Mission continues to be blessed and a blessing to others. Our goal continues to be that of bringing others to Christ. I can say that is our main goal.

Other goals:

1. Complete the construction of the new church work in Villa Gonzalez. The church is growing and a specific location is needed.

2. To be able to open the Bethshean Clinic once permission is given. Dr. Freddy has talked with two doctors about taking part in giving service at the clinic. Also, he has talked with a nurse who has accepted to head up the nurse part. He would be the head nurse once clinic is functioning. $25,000 should cover the expense of transporting needed equipment, which includes taxes and fees imposed by the Mexican government, from the U.S. to the clinic in Estancia de Animas.


1. We are needing two more ministers to add to our staff. There are two churches that are without a pastor. Finances are needed for their salaries. That would be $550 a month for each minister.

2. The Bible College we opened several years ago is needing permanent facilities. We have the property but need to construct classrooms, offices, etc. Prayers are needed. I want to tell you how much I appreciate the faithfulness of all our supporters for their part in making Bethshean Mexico Mission a success. We will continue to faithfully serve the Lord in this part of Mexico by reaching out in many ways. It would be a blessing to us if a Mission team to come and work alongside with us.


  1. The next medical mission trip will be February, 2018. There will be other work available to do at the clinic for those who want to go but are not involved on the medical side.
  2. Abdiel reported on some of the activity at the mission. We now have power to the clinic and are working to get the water tanks installed underground. The city water and sewer are at the clinic and we are still trying to get a road completed. His church, Villa Gonzales, needs a roof over their kitchen and dining room at a cost of $3,500.
  3. There are now a total of 7 Christian churches. Bethshean is working with Salitre Church and has offered half pay for a minister if the church will pay the other half.